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  • Sport

    We offer Sports Physio which is a specialised area of physio with advanced diagnostic and management skills in helping you deal with your sporting injury.

    • Sports Physio

      We offer Sports Physio which is a specialised area of physio with advanced diagnostic and management skills in helping you deal with your sporting injury.

    • Training Programs

      Does your sports club or group need a professionally tailored exercise program? We are experts in this area.

    • Sponsored Clubs

      Mead Street Physio sponsors many of the sports clubs in Kalamunda, offering professional assistance and support in addition to member discounts for treatment.

  • Spine

    Mead Physio Group offers specialised Musculoskeletal and Spinal Manipulative Physiotherapy

    • Spinal Physio

      Spinal Manipulative Physiotherapy at Mead Physio Group can help manage your spinal pain. Find out how.

    • Spinal Self-Help Guide

      Learn how you can assist the recovery of your spinal injury with some of our self-help tips.

  • Pilates

    We offer various types of clinical pilates including floor pilates, studio pilates, and sports core classes.

    • About Clinical Pilates

      Find out why Clinical Pilates is such a great form of exercise for gentle strengthening of the spine

    • Studio Pilates

      Our Pilates Studio is equipped with specialised Pilates equipment to regain and maintain your spinal health.

  • FAQ

    Answers to some of your most common questions

    • Why we are special

      Established for over 10 years, we only employ top physios with advanced Masters training. We are experienced, reinvest heavily in education and training, and involve ourselves in the community.

    • What our physios do

      Find out why we can help manage your pain.

    • How can I get physio?

      Find out how you can get physio at our clinic.

  • Team

    Have a look at Mead Physio Group's therapists, their area of expertise and bits about their professional history.

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  • For Patients

    A range of stuff to assist you with your painful condition.

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    Find out how to contact us, where we are, and our opening times

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    Outlines the benefits of joining for members of Mead Physio Group

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    • Sports

      Information About Common Sporting Injuries and How Best to Manage Them

      • Groin Pain

        When can I run again? Pain around the groin during or after running is a common problem among athletes. Find out when to stop running, how to rehabilitate & re-commence training.

      • Tendon Injuries

        Tendon injuries are difficult to manage and treat well. We explain why, and describe your treatment options.

      • Sporting Emergencies

        Detailed information about emergencies. They don't occur frequently, but when they do it is important that they are managed quickly and efficiently.

      • Hamstring Injury & Recovery

        Your best options for fast recovery from this common and quite serious sporting injury.

      • Hydration

        Sporting hydration and diet advice

      • Off Season Fitness Training

        During the off season if you can maintain your fitness, particularly your speed of running and attend to any lingering injury, you will have a much more successful 2011 season.

      • Landing and Falling Skills

        Landing and falling occur frequently in our great game of Australian Rules Football especially during tackling and marking which are essential aspects of the game. If players are taught how to land and fall correctly, the rate and severity of falling injuries could be reduced.

      • Ankle Injuries-Who is at Risk?

        In netball, the ankle is among the most frequently and severely injured area to effect players. Research has identified a number of risk factors that will make someone more likely to injure their ankle

      • Stretching Sheets

        Download PDF file on stretching for the whole body

      • Running Program

        Progressive Rehabilitation Running Program to get your fitness back

      • Core Exercises

        The Core is the dynamic muscular system close to the spine and can be conditioned with specific exercises

    • Health Professionals

      A range of topics pertinent for health professionls including back pain management, the evidence of managing OA, and effective management of osteoporosis.

      • Know Pain No Gain

        Explains the biological, chemical and anatomcial basis of pain and presents a contemporary model of pain

      • Tendinopathy

        The management of tendon injuries is extremely challanging, but with a simple evidence-based approach you'll find the management pathways much easier.

      • Older Athlete

        Describes the process of ageing, how to minimize osteoporois, and how to exercise with osteoporosis.

      • Low Back Pain

        Classification, factors and managment strategies in managing LBP

      • Ankle Injuries

        Describes the anatomical, functional and mechanical factors behind acute and chronic ankle pain.

      • Osteoarthritis

        The evidence-based research on the management of OA is presented with guidelines for both acute and chronic OA.

      • Shoulder Pain

        How to effectively assess and manage the painful shoulder

      • Knee Pain

        With many sports injuries involving the knee, an thorough history and physical examination is crucial for an accurate diagnosis

    • Musculoskeletal

      How to manage common muscle and joint problems

    • Pain Management

      Strategies to help manage your pain

      • Exercises

        Simple self-paced exercises to help deal with your pain

      • Know Pain No Gain

        Understanding your pain through the introduction of a pain system model including the sensitive nervous system.

    • YouTube Videos

      We have developed a number of videos to assist you in managing your injury.

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