Darling Range Sports College


      Sports Injury Clinic for students and staff




  1. FOR WHO? Injured students and staff of the Darling Range Sports College
  2. WHAT IS IT? A priority physiotherapy service manned by Sports Physios
  3. WHERE IS IT?: Physio Tretment Rooms, Sports Stadium, Darling Range Sports College
  4. HOW DO I BOOK? Either by calling our reception team on 9359 3011, stating that you are from the Darling Range Sports College OR by going to our website and clicking on the "Book Online Now" red button . You will receive an appointment usually within 24 hours of your inquiry. 
  5. HOW DO I PAY? You must pay before your appointment by calling our clinic on the above number
  6. WHAT HAPPENS? Try to get to the physio rooms a few minutes before your nominated appointment time. Bring any scans or xrays that are relevant to your condition. You must fill out a New Patient Form and bring this with you to your appointment. Your physio will assess and treat you. This may include Ultrasound, taping, massage, stretching and strengthening exercises. Your treatment will be recorded and a copy sent to your sports teacher/parent
  7. HOW LONG IS THE SESSION? Each session lasts at least 20 minutes long 
  8. DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS/FEEDBACK/COMPLAINTS? We are always striving to improve our services for our patients and we appreciate any feedback you may have for us. This can be done by calling, emailing us or sending in a feedback survey