About Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a modern, low-impact rehabilitation and conditioning exercise program designed to develop functional muscle control, core strength, mobilisation, fitness and muscle tone. It is also an excellent preventative technique for reducing susceptibility to injuries. Importantly, it is guided by a physio, safe, and gentle.

Our physios are experienced Pilates instructors (Australian Physiotherapy Association accredited) and as such are highly proficient at targeting your needs.

Our Kalamunda branch has purpose built Pilates Studio furbished with specialised Pilates equiipement. The equipement allows for a vast array of exercise repertoire to accomodate everyone's fitness needs. Exercises are performed on the Reformer and the Trapeze Bed. Both pieces of equipment use various types of springs to provide resistance to movement. The amount of resistance and type of exercise is closely matched to the person’s fitness levels.

The Pilates approach emphasises smooth movement of both legs and arms around a supported and stable spinal base. In addition, you can rest assured that when you work-out in our Pilates Studio, a friendly physio is close nearby to answer any questions you might have or demonstrate a range of exercise variations. Finally, Clinical Pilates exercises performed under the guidance of our physios may attract a rebate with your health fund.

We run a number of supervised Clinical Pilates classes throughout the week at our Kalamunda branch on our specialised Pilates equipment. Please check web Notice Board for current details of days and times of our classes.

Further information on our Clinical Pilates Studio can be found on our Pilates brochure


Cost: $18 for unsupervised use of the equipement and studio. Supervised classes from $35 Rebates available through your health fund.  Please contact the clinic for the cost of each class as it will vary depending upon your choice of single or multi-entry pass.
Bring: Comfortable exercise clothes, socks, towel, and water.
Call: Mead Physio Group 9293 1800
Have a question: enquiries@meadstreetphysio.com.au

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