Studio Pilates

Mead Physio Group is equipped with its own private Pilates Studio giving clients their own comfortable space in which to exercise.  The studio is fitted out with specialised Pilates equipment that allows targeted exercise to your spinal muscles ("core") to tone and condition your abdominals and other postural muscles.  It is a gentle form of exercise that is used in various positions including lying, to ensure that you are comfortable and safe.  Once you have been trained by our physios in how the equipment works and a tailored program documented, you are welcome to use the studio equipment independently at times that are booked in advance. Alternatively you can join one of our popular supervised classes that are held throughout the week. In this case, you will require a Pilates Studio induction and basic program established for your needs.


Feel free to download our Clinical Pilates brochure here PilatesBrochure.pdf